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Key Gauge from Factory Brands helps you determine the key number from Schlage and Kwikset keys. Using the iPhone's high-resolution Retina Display, Key Gauge will shown you actual size images of popular keys. You can dial in the key bitting and the image on your iPhone screen will change to match that of your key. The image shown can also be flipped over to show the back of the key by just touching the title bar.

After the image on the screen matches that of your key, you can record the key number, any stamping notation that it may have and any notes. The table of key numbers, key stamps and notes can be emailed out of the application as a CSV file at any time.

View App in iTunes App Store: Key Gauge

This applcation is available at this time only on the iPhone and is suggested for iPhone 4 and 4S models for just $1.99 USD. It works best on keys that have been cut by a key cutter, rather than those that have been duplicated using a grinder. Keys images currently supported are:

  • Schlage - C 5 Pin, C 6 Pin, C123, E 5 Pin, E 6 Pin
  • Kwikset - #5 and #6

Screen Images

Screen Image for Key Gauge Sizing a Schlage Key - Back Sizing a Kwikset Key (Front)
Sizing a Schlage Key (Front) Sizing a Schlage Key (Back) Sizing a Kwikset Key (Back)
Recording Key Information Table of Key Information  
Recording Key Information Table of Key Information  


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