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Making Magic with Our Entrance Wizard

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One of the most confusing things that most of our customers face is the challenge of ordering a front door entry handle. A lot of our customers start out at a home improvement store and not seeing what they really want, they end up here filled with anxiety and bad information.

To help you get exactly want you want, and to cut through all of the confusing jargon, we have created our Entrance Wizard. Our Wizard is designed to ask you a number of simple questions and upon completion, we will present you with a list of items that will exactly what you wanted.

Our Wizard will configure entry handle sets that can have different finishes, dummy handles for double doors, single or double cylinder deadbolts and the correct handing for the interior lever. While it may not be magical, it has help our customers make the correct choices without the dread of a possible mistake.

Currently the Wizard is available for the Schlage F Series and the Schlage Accents collection only. You can get to the Wizard by just clicking on the graphic above, or by choosing Schlage F Series Handles or Accent Collection Handle on the Home page or the Locks page. If you have additional questions on our Wizard or how to order entrance handles, just use the 'Contact' Us' link on our menu bar.

Aged Bronze Finish Makes Old New

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Schlage Aged Bronze, also known as the 716 finish, is now Schlage's most popular design finishes. Aged bronze is a guaranteed lifetime finish and unlike oil rubbed bronze, aged bronze will not appreciably tarnish or distressed with age.

Schlage' s Oil Rubbed Bronze is designed to oxidize over time and when it is delivered has a flat matte finish that is best described as mocha in color. Over time the finish will soften and wear exposing the zinc alloy underneath and causing it to darken in spots and lighten in others. Oil Rubbed Bronze is one of the most popular finishes in the western areas of the United States due to its southwest appearance and its ability to weather with harsh climates.

For those customers who would like the Oil Rubbed look without waiting for the oxidation and the variability involved, the new Aged Bronze finish is the best choice. Aged Bronze is a fixed finish rather than a living one like Oil Rubbed Bronze and is designed to give customers the same appearance over the life of the product. Aged Bronze is darker than Oil Rubbed and has copper highlights on the edges. A satin gloss to the finish protects the finish from further distressing and is guaranteed to give customers a lifetime of use.

If you have additional questions on Oil Rubbed vs Aged Bronze, please let us know! Use the 'Contact Us' link on our menu bar.

How Fast is Our Schlage Hardware Delivery?

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Do you need your order quick and are concerned about excessive overnight delivery charges? FactoryLocks uses Fed Ex ground and four warehouses nationwide to get customers' orders out fast. Our four warehouses are located strategically to service most of the continental United States in three days or less. The adjacent chart can give you an idea of our delivery expectations for the vast majority of the items we stock. We ship over 94% or our orders complete.

We also provide tracking for your orders. After we ship your order, we email you the tracking number the next business day so you can follow your order to delivery.

There are occasions where we don't have all of the inventory in the closest warehouse to you or the item you have is a Build-to-Order item. In these instances your delivery may take an additional two to four days

If you have additional questions on delivery and delivery options, including Hawaii and Alaska, just use the 'Contact' Us' link on our menu bar.

Allegion Announces a 4% Price Increase on October 5th

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FactoryLocks has been informed by Allegion that there will be a price increase on most commercial product lines. This increase will be effective October 5th, 2015 and will impact our Schlage, LCN, Von Duprin, Glynn-Johnson and Falcon brands. You can expect a 4% average increase, but some product lines will increase more or less than the average shown. FactoryLocks will honor all outstanding quotes through October 30th 2015. We will be adjusting pricing on the 5th.

We wish to work with any customers who have circumstance that may keep them from placing their entire order before the 5th, so please call our call center (877-345-6257) or your sales representative for more information.

Schlage NDE Series Wireless Locks Provide ND Security and Wireless Capability

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The Schlage NDE Series wireless lock with ENGAGE technology is designed to be easy to install, connect, manage, and use. Developed specifically for facilities that want to upgrade to electronic credentials for improved security and efficiency, it is ideal for interior office doors, common area doors, and sensitive storage spaces with a cylindrical door prep.

NDE Series wireless locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, door position sensor and request-to-exit switch all in one unit. NDE Series wireless locks utilize the standard ND cylindrical door prep and can be installed in minutes with only a Phillips screwdriver; no need to install additional components, drill holes or run wires to each opening.

ENGAGE cloud-based web and mobile apps make it easy to configure lock settings, add users, and view audits and alerts from anywhere. For advanced capabilities including user schedules, auto unlocks & holidays, NDE Series wireless locks can be managed with software from our access control alliance partners. NDE Series wireless locks can be updated manually at the lock with the ENGAGE mobile app, automatically daily over Wi-Fi 2 or in real-time when connected to an ENGAGE gateway.

NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE technology are compatible with most proximity and smart cards including aptiQ and aptiQmobile. For additional details and quote information please contact us NDE Series wireless locks with ENGAGE technology are compatible with most proximity and smart cards.

For project quotes and spec sheets click here or call us at 877-345-6257 or email inquiries to

Schlage Deco Rose Sale though June 30th

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