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Schlage S Series Inventory Expands

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FactoryLocks large inventory of the Schlage S Series Locks. The S Series fits between the upper-end AL Series Commercial locks and standard F Series residential locks.

The S Series shares some of the same designs as the AL series, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, but has more in common with residential lock features. The S Series ships with the triple option latch, which will accommodate both 2-3/8 and 2-3/4 backsets, plus it will fit in a standard 2-1/8 lock bore without having to drill two thru bolts like the AL Series.

The S Series is available in all of the favorite finishes like Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Chrome, plus several others like Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Bronze and Bright Chrome.

Ideal for heavy use areas in multi-family or light commercial, the S Series is designed to deliver years of lasting value. If you have questions about use or installation, please Contact Us.

NEXIA home intelligence

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Nexia remote home monitoring for non-resident condo owners, homeowners and property managers.

We offer the following NEXIA home intelligence hardware. Check out our great pricing on FE 599NX Camelot in Satin Nickel. Buy your Nexia hardware and modules at

FE599NXCAM619 (keypad entry)

BR100NX (bridge) RP 200NX (dimmer)

RP100NX (appliance)

TZEMT400BB3NX (thermostat)

Nexia monitoring $9.99/mo

The Nexia product family can be ordered online at

Schlage Direct Pricing - Multi family and homeowner association hardware packages

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FactoryLocks can help you save even more on bulk orders that can be sourced directly from Schlage. This program is suited best for customers who have the luxury of three to four weeks till delivery.

Schlage Direct by-passes our normal warehouse delivery and places your order directly with Schlage, resulting in additional savings. Savings range from an additional 6 to 8 percent, depending upon the product mix. Factory keying, including master keying and keyed-to-pass, is available, along with bitting lists.

Recent customers who have used our Schlage Direct program have included customers renovating their rental units, a customer replacing all of the hardware in their office building, and several condominium associations. Orders are generally shipped motor freight and customers are responsible for timely unloading.

To learn more about Schlage Direct, please email us or call us at 877-345-6257 and we can quote you on your next project.

Schlage's parent company Allegion has announced price increase on locks and hardware

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The increase will be effective March 3, 2014 and impact select products in the Schlage lock sets and deadbolts (commercial and residential), Von Duprin, LCN, Ives, Schlage Electronics, and Dexter brands. The increase will average between 3% and 4%. Not all product families will be affected while some will differ outside this average. Falcon locks & deadbolts will not have a list price increase at this time.

Stay warm and keep your home safe - Schlage Hardware

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Even with the bitter temps around most of the country, we are open and ready to ship your hardware needs. Our warehouses are shipping and will keep your project on track for owner occupancy or code inspection. Let your fingers do the walking and call us 877-345-6257 or check us out at

ND-Series Cylindrical Lock. Schlage's number one lock for good reason.

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Schlage ND series locks. Extra heavy duty residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. Interior and exterior doors for schools/universities, hospitals/healthcare facilities, offices, factories, public buildings, religious, retail, and government facilities.

Keying: 6-Pin Everest C123 keyway standard with two patented nickel silver keys per lock. Other keying options available from the factory include master keying, grand master keying, construction keying, and interchangeable core. Classic Primus or Everest Primus cylinders are also available.

The door range is 1 5/8"-2 1/8" standard except for the ND85 which is 1 3/4"-2". The 1 3/8 door thickness requires 2 spacers in order to fit and must be specified or ordered separately.

Backset: 2 3/4" standard. 2 3/8" backset latches available. 5 inch backset available.

Exposed Trim: Levers are pressure cast zinc, plated to match finishes. Roses are solid brass plated to match finishes.

Warranty: Seven-year limited warranty for all functions including Vandlgard.Latches & Strikes

Adjustable brass or bronze latch faceplates and strikes, furnished in compatible lock trim finishes.

Latch Bolt: Steel, 1/2" throw, deadlocking on keyed and exterior functions. 3/4" throw anti-friction latch available for pairs of fire doors.

Strikes: ANSI curved lip strike 1 1/4" x 4 7/8", 1 3/16" (30 mm) to center standard. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI strike box available.

Cylindrical lock housing and Electrified Locks

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