Genuine Schlage Keys

Need to order more keys? This page will help order additional keys. First, a couple of words about keys and key numbers. Schlage uses either a 5 or 6 digit number to cut keys. The number is generally stamped on the head of the key. If your key has an 'SC1' on it or starts with 'A' or 'AA' then it has something other than the key number on it and this code will not work. Also, some Schlage retail boxes have a 'Key Alike Code'. This is not the key number we can use and will result in a bad key being cut.

If your key is lacking the key number, then there are some options. You can send us your key and we can size it and duplicate the key for you. Please see instructions on sending us keys for more information.

Certain Schlage keyway sections are limited in their distribution. For instance if you have a Primus or Everest D keyway, we cannot duplicate this for you.

Schlage Keys
Step 1 - Previous Order Number or Keyway Section and Key Number
Previous Order Number
Group Name (if part of a Key Structure)
Key Number Combination
Keyway Section Selection and Pricing
  5 Pin Key 6 Pin Key
C123 N/A
C145 N/A
Step 2 - Number of Keys to be Ordered and Key Stamp (If Any)
Number of Keys
A value is required.
Stamp Keys With
Do Not Duplicate
Other A value is required.Exceeded maximum number of characters.

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